March 17

Together, We Begin!

Welcome to the Mount Holly Farmers Market Frances Smith Bee Apiary and Hands On Bee School.  You are now looking at our new Bee Blog which will be a place where we communicate with each other and I will post tons of information to enhance your education.  Some of the things you will find here (but not limited to include:

  • Learning videos that will give you a head start on the different activities we will be doing at the Smith Apiary with your bees
  • Informative articles and websites you may visit as a part of your learning curve
  • Professional Bee Keeping Organizations
  • Links to sites for your children so they may learn Bee Keeping with you
  • Photography of our efforts to learn and raise bees
  • Documentation of our efforts to move from “Bee Havers” to Bee Keepers”
  • Dates and times when we will gather as a group for activities at our apiary or classroom activities (location to be announced)
  • Posts and questions from you so that we may all learn together
  • …and much, much more!