April 27

Bee Meeting this Saturday – 12:00 Noon


It’s official, I will be picking up our bees this Saturday in West Jefferson.  I plan an earlier start so we can meet at noon this Saturday and eat up less of your afternoon.  Should I be delayed, I will text you and give you the new time, but anticipate that this start time will work.  Please be sure to park across the street and bring all your tools and supplies:

Hive Excluder (small block of wood with different size openings)


hive tool

protective gear – hat and veil, gloves

Boots, long pants and long sleeve shirt

1 gallon of fresh sugar water 2 parts sugar to 1 part water (make the night before)

camera not required, but suggest you have one

Permanent, fine point, sharpy or similar writing took

I suggest some kind of tool carrier for all your bee tools

if you have any questionns, concerns, ideas, or comments…please write in comment section for this post below.