June 1

Schedule A Hive Check This Weekend for Your Hive

imageOkay Bee Team 1 (your new class name), you need to complete a hive check this weekend for your hive.  This needs to be a complete hive check.  You are looking for the following things during your inspection:


  1. Capped and uncapped honey, especially not the top box
  2.  Capped and uncapped brood (larva)
  3. Eggs
  4.  The Queen is you can find her, but if you have the above items, not to worry…she is there.
  5. A good honey pattern around capped brood
  6. The absence of hive beetles.  (Little black beetles running around in your hive.  Watch the latest lesson on hive beetles in your lessons.

If you know when you are going, or when you go, send me a text, and I will try to join you.  Sean and Leigh should definitely schedule me to be with them, the rest of you can do this on your ow, but I would like to come and film you if I can.

When  you complete your hive inspection I need you to file a written report with me of your hive inspection and your findings.  Sorry guys and gals, this is a written assignment you must complete.  You may also include photographs…in fact, Lets make that a requirement.  The number is up to you, but I must see at least one photograph of top box and your deep inspections.

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