June 6

Bee Report from Erin 6/4/2016

Can you spot Erin’s Queen below.


Bee hive inspection report: Saturday 6/4/16 2:00pm, weather sunny and 90 degrees. Hive conditions look remarkably better than last inspection. All frames have drawn cone, with exception of two outside frames in lower deep. Visual presence of honey, capped honey, capped brood, larva and eggs, and pollen. Queen Oria spotted laying eggs. Capped honey pattern around frame edges starting to form in both upper and lower boxes. Zero sign of mites. Ants seen on outside of hive and into top feeder. I brushed them all off and cleared out of feeder. Added 2 gallons of sugar water before closing hive.



Lots of of capped brood here!



Nice to see some capped honey this time around as well!

For now I am going to ask Erin to continue to feed her bees.  They are certainly improved big time since our last inspection.