June 9

Josh’s Hive – From Weakest to Strongest!


Josh completed his deep hive inspection.  He has been feeding his bees since day one as they were the weakest hive in our bunch.  Today his inspection revealed a hive slam full of bees and honey.  In fact, even the very end frames are full of capped honey.  His problem is his bees are out of room for brood or honey it is so full.  He is fortunate his bees have not yet swarmed.  He is adding a super tomorrow morning and has a good chance of becoming a rare first season beekeeper with honey to spare.  He now joins Sean with a hive that does not need feeding.  Still, I must caution all about whether your bees need to be fed or not.  Your bees will tell you when you are okay to stop feeding.  Our next hive check will be next weekend.   Until then, continue what you are doing!