June 10

Sean Completes Deep Inspection

I conducted my Deep Hive Inspection on June 4, 2016 under your supervision.

The weather was hot and muggy, temperature was around 80 degrees, and we started the inspection at 10:20AM.

The hive overall is thriving. We saw good brood pattern, and I noted Eggs, Lava, and Pupa stages in the hive. I did not see or identify the Queen, but we know she is present. We saw evidence of some new queen cells being formed but no eggs.   Scott explained they often build the cell, but do not use them.  Kind of a backup strategy.  We also removed some wax. We found several frames with capped honey and nector. I saw no evidence of Hive Beetles or mites. I noted that the bees did get somewhat aggressive. I have not been feeding them for over two weeks and we added a much needed Super. This went smoothly, and overall the inspection went well. I did not get stung and felt pretty comfortable with what was shown to me by you and what I have been reading/seeing in our lessons and my book. All notes were added to the Log book after I got home from the inspection.

I apologize but I did not take any pictures. I was too caught up in the  inspection and what you were saying and simply forgot.

Thanks for you help and I plan on going back next week or maybe this  weekend to see what if any progress has been made on the newly installed Super.

Sean Moore