July 23

Colorado Beekeeper’s Update


Good Morning Bee-havers,

As we continue our journey together in becoming beekeepers (hive survives the winter), and then bee sustainers (hive survives a second year), I would like to welcome Paisley Peyton to our group. Paisley has two hives and will most likely be joining our apiary with her third hive next spring. She wanted to go ahead and get involved now, so welcome Paisley!

Hopefully none of you are not ignoring your bees while I am away. If you notice normal activity, then a hive inspection is not required. Some like to check their hives every two weeks. I find this to be true in the early spring and spring….but in the heat of summer the hive should be well past any swarming issues and pretty much on auto-pilot. However, the fall will be approaching soon and we will need to do several things to insure healthy hives in terms of mite control (2 kinds) and adding an antibiotic for the winter. I am going to place an order for these supplies for your hives and will then let you know how much you owe me.

I will be posting lessons in regards to the work we will be doing this fall to prepare our hives for the winter. I would also recommend you read up on this in your book, “The Backyard Beekeeper”.

Be sure when you visit our Apiary you check the water supply. From time to time you need to change this water to enable a good fresh water supply. Meanwhile, I would love to hear from each of you via the blog or my new email: mounthollybeekeeper@gmail.com. And let me know how things are going with you and your bees, any observations you have made, and/or any questions you may have.

My best to all,
Mr. G

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