August 12

I’m Back…..

Erin also had an opportunity to meet Frances Smith who continues to live on our newly acquired property and for whom our apiary is named. She absolutely fell in love with Frances!

I have done a quick visual inspection of my hives and have determined all is well.  We continue to be on auto pilot, but I suspect most of you have not done a hive inspection since I left.  If this is the case, you need to make a quick inspection this week.  Why quick?  Because we are now in the season of bees robbing each other’s hives.  I suggest that when you make your inspection that you flip your screens over to winter mode and do away with the top emergency exit.  This is where most robbing will occur.  When you make your inspection, look for the usual things:  eggs, uncapped brood, capped brood, be sure you do not have too many bullets (drones).   If you have too many bullets it can be a sign of a lost queen, and you have a worker laying unfertilized drone eggs.  Also check your honey stores.  If the honey seems to be going down you may have to start feeding again.   Lets plan to meet at the Apirary this Saturday for the quick Inspection for all who can and I can help you take a look.

My best,