August 25

Apiary Update and “The Mystery of Blue Honey”

imageErin Denison found this wonderful article on the Mystery of Blue Honey in Our State Magazine.  Thank you Erin and I would encourage others of you to send me interesting articles and videos for our Apiary Blog.

I have been checking our Apiary and as I fed my bees I am noticing some of you are not keeping up.  If you stay on this they will gradually let up some on consumption.  For now it needs to be an every other day check and add.  I am taking care of Sean’s hive as well and these are some hungry bees.  The same is true at my house for two hives.   This is a definite sign of impending starvation…meaning that feeding now is the right call.  I suspect we will continue this through September.  I went to Costco and bought three 50 pound bags of sugar at a great price.  I am sure Sam’s Club or Restaurant Supply has good volume prices as well.

I am wondering how many of you have ordered Honey Bee Healthy at Dadant…(see my last post).  They have it at the Mount Holly Farm Supply at full price.  I do not add the volume they suggest as this stuff is expensive…I had one capful for each 4/5 pounds of sugar to stretch out my use.  Seems to work well.

Jax sold all of our available supply of honey (12.5 gallons) in three days.  The honey we pulled off from our Apiary was much darker and would be classified as “wild flower” honey.  It has a much richer floral taste that the clover honey my bees make here at the house.

Please send me a thumbs up text after you have read this blog.  I would encourage you to check out the link contained on blue honey as well.  So many things to learn….so many possibilities.