September 21

Update Your Hive Inspections – Beginning Our Winter Preparations

IMG_9324Good morning fellow “Bee Havers”,

For those of you who take the time to communicate with me thank you. For the rest, I hope you are doing well with your hives as well.

Cooler weather is finally arrived and it should be time now to stop our feeding. Hive inspections every two weeks are critical until we close up for the winter.  Erin, you are perform these inspections on our instructional hive.  Look for the following:
1. Supply of honey should be good now

2. Look for Hive Beatles…I need to know if you have any, determines treatment coming soon

3. Check to make sure your queen is alive and healthy by either direct sighting or the usual signs of a healthy queen

4. Take Your Feeder off NOW. Replace with your screen ventilation in winter mode…no emergency escape.

5.  Clean up around your Hive.

Please file a report with me each time you complete an inspection.  At this point it is critical that I know you are making these inspections and your findings.  Your report can be as simple as a video you make right after the inspection summarizing your findings.  I do not expect you to video as you inspect….too difficult.  Or you may send me a written report.  Erin Denison and I found that the video report works very well when done immediately after the inspection.  You can then send your video to me.  Easy…Peasy.

If you would like to have me present during your inspection simply pick up a phone and call or text me and we will find a time to inspect together.

Bee Good…Bee Great!