February 7

Some Things I learned in Bee School Feb. 6


Great instructor tonight.  Very patient and calm.  I am learning that bee keeping is a great stress reducer.  our instructor tonight seemed to exemplify this.  So many great people in our association with great ideas and a willingness to listen and help.  Plan to leave you with the best new ideas I glean each week.


  • If you kill a bee(s) during a hive inspection, it gives off a pheromone that alerts other bees to her death…not good.  Slow and gentle is always best!
  • in general, the Queen will stay in the first two boxes.  Queen extrudes can actually cause a wearing away of the worker bees, wings….this shortening the life of the bees.  (I have also heard queen extruders  called honey preventers).  Unless I hear a compelling reason to use them, plan to not use this piece of equipment.  Has not caused me a problem so far.
  • We can use a 1:1 ration of sugar water to spray and help get bees to move up to next box.
  • Wax foundation vs plastic?….bees prefer wax over plastic.  Seems to be consensus of bee keepers around here.  Glad we are using wax foundation.
  • Bees rely on smells big time.  Do not be hot and sweaty when you check your bees.  Take a shower.  Use natural soap, no perfumes.  Do not wear a watch as it causes perspiration under the band.  No gels, hairspray, perfumes, etc.  NEVER WAS YOUR CLOTHES IN WISK.  BEES HATE WISK!
  • Your smoker is your best friend.  Never leave home without it!
  • Replace dirty Brod frames about every three years….when they turn dark!
  • Good ide go have  5 Frame Hive (Nuc) in your arsenal for emergencies.