February 7

Some Things I learned in Bee School Feb. 6


Great instructor tonight.  Very patient and calm.  I am learning that bee keeping is a great stress reducer.  our instructor tonight seemed to exemplify this.  So many great people in our association with great ideas and a willingness to listen and help.  Plan to leave you with the best new ideas I glean each week.


  • If you kill a bee(s) during a hive inspection, it gives off a pheromone that alerts other bees to her death…not good.  Slow and gentle is always best!
  • in general, the Queen will stay in the first two boxes.  Queen extrudes can actually cause a wearing away of the worker bees, wings….this shortening the life of the bees.  (I have also heard queen extruders  called honey preventers).  Unless I hear a compelling reason to use them, plan to not use this piece of equipment.  Has not caused me a problem so far.
  • We can use a 1:1 ration of sugar water to spray and help get bees to move up to next box.
  • Wax foundation vs plastic?….bees prefer wax over plastic.  Seems to be consensus of bee keepers around here.  Glad we are using wax foundation.
  • Bees rely on smells big time.  Do not be hot and sweaty when you check your bees.  Take a shower.  Use natural soap, no perfumes.  Do not wear a watch as it causes perspiration under the band.  No gels, hairspray, perfumes, etc.  NEVER WAS YOUR CLOTHES IN WISK.  BEES HATE WISK!
  • Your smoker is your best friend.  Never leave home without it!
  • Replace dirty Brod frames about every three years….when they turn dark!
  • Good ide go have  5 Frame Hive (Nuc) in your arsenal for emergencies.

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Elementary Teacher (37 years retired), Photographer, Storyteller, Bee Keeper. Started keeping bees with my grandson when he was 3 years old. It is something we enjoy learning and doing together. Proud member of the Gaston County Beekeepers Association, North Carolina Beekeepers Association. Graduate of the Penn State Beekeeping School. We are all about the bees first. The honey is simply their way of saying thank you!🐝🐝🐝

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