March 27

Last Night of Bee School as We Prepare for Test Next Week and Link for On Line Bee Keeping Course! (I signed up…looks very promising)

Last Night of Bee School:

See the medal to the left.   Hopeful to have something produced for all graduates of our bee school.  I have Cindy Reed working on this for us.

More Education = Better Success as a Bee “Sustainer”

Okay folks, received this via email.  This looks very good and I have already signed up for the course and have begun my online course work.  Just click the link below.  It’s good stuff and believe it will help us.  Click the link below to sign on.

The PerfectBee Beekeeping Course

Tonight’s Bee School

  • Once we have enough drawn cone to store until next year we must be careful how we store our boxes and frames of drawn cone.  Learned about a new technique tonight.  Wax moths like to hide in the dark parts of the drawn cone.  Use a moth crystal drawer for every 5 supers.  Place 3 ounces of mothball crystals in the drawers.  Must check this drawer from time to time.  Let frames air out for a week before you reuse. Click this link to see moth crystal drawer and chemical you can order to place in drawer to stop wax moths.                                                             MOTH CRYSTAL DRAWER 
  • The rest of the night we are going over many bullet points to prepare for the test.  I will insert these into the blog later by scanning in the documents…will save this old boy a lot of typing!

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