May 10

Always use text when you need me!

Please do not hesitate to text me or email when you need me or to set up an appointment.  Use comment section on blog to let me know when you have read the blog, have general comments, observations, or questions. I was not very clear with my last comments in the blog.  Texting is always best or even a phone call for concerns, issues, and setting up times to be together!


Sorry for the confusion!


May 10

May 10 – Bee Team Update


Note how we have reduced the size of Keli’s hive as we allow the hive to grow stronger.  We also placed top feeder right on top of the brood box.

This is just an update on several items that have occurred in the past week.

1. Our new Bee Team is up and running and we now have a total of 10 working bee sustainers thanks to our Educational apiary program. All new bees were installed successfully. A big thank you to Josh Anders, Leigh Brinkley, and Andy Lathan who were present and helped with the new bee installs at our apiary.

2. Last Thursday Sandy and I made checks of all the hives in the apiary. Some of these were just a peak inside, and others more aggressive. Our findings are as follows

– Sean’s hive just got a peak inside of the top super. Bees were making a good deal of progress with this top super. Sean will need to monitor closely and should be prepared to add another super.

– Andy’s hive also got a peak. Also a very strong hive that must be monitored for its next super.

– Irene and Joe’s hive have finally gotten their house in order. We were able to reverse the hive and place the deep back on the bottom. Hive making good progress and must also be monitored for a new super.

– Keli’s new hive is a weaker hive for now with less bees than a super normally contains. We completed a thorough inspection of the hive, located a very big queen, plenty of new brood. Time should take care if this weaker hive. We placed an entrance reducer on front which will protect this weaker hive as it grows. We removed the top super completely and added the feeder directly on top of the brood box. We will add the medium box back later after the hive grows a bit. Giving bees too much space is not a god idea as it is more difficult to defend from pests.

– Sandy,s new hive has an incorrect medium frame in the deep box. Even though the bees have added and built it out, it was our intention to replace it….however, our inspection told us to leave it alone as it was full of capped brood. The bees in this hive have already begun work in the medium box above. This is a very strong set of bees.

2. I am finding it is best to communicate more and more through our blog rather than email as it always sends you notification. I will only use email or text in an emergency. When you get notification, please take the time to read the new post or new lesson posted. Lots of information here.

3. Encourage others to join our blog. Share our link and remind them to sign up for the blog on the right side as they scroll down a bit.

4. Remember, you can post comments, questions, or even verify that you have read the latest postings (which is helpful to me). In fact, I should remind everyone that when you receive a new post, you should let me know you have read it. You may send an email, text, or post a comment on the blog that you have read this (preferred).

5.  Sometime this week all new beekeepers need to complete your first hive inspection.  I suggest you have me present to guide you through this process.  Also, I have posted some new videos in Lesson 10A for you to view.  Sandy is good to go and does not need to do this as we completed multiple inspections together last week.

I encourage all of you to start posting your observations and Hive Inspections on our blog so we may all share and learn together!

Bee Happy! 🐝🐝🐝

There is only one real reason to keep bees, and that is because they are fascinating. If you just want honey, make friends with a beekeeper.
-Australia beekeeper, Adrian the Bee Man