May 11

Top Bar Hive Populated !

Good Morning Fellow Bee Sustainers!

Yesterday I received a call from Frances Smith informing me the Swarm Trap I had set in one of her Bradford Pears was full of bees.  I road over and took a look and sure enough we had captured a large swarm.

This morning Harper and I headed to the Apiary with my bee retrieval equipment and a ladder very early to retrieved the swarm box.  We have been hoping for a swarm to populate our new top bar hive at the Apiary .  After some shaking and brushing we closed up the hive and now we wait for the bees to settle in and discover their sugar water.  There is an observation window you may remove to see them at work as they build natural cone.  By next week at this time they will be settled in and you can observe their building activity.  Yes, by next week they will have already built out some new cone.  Want to learn more?  See links below!

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