June 7

May 7 – Operation Rachel II

The rain has finally subsided and the time has come to make Joe and Irene’s Hive whole again.  If you are keeping up  with this blog, you know that this hive lost their queen. I am taking a swarm that I caught earlier this summer with a good queen and will be combining it with that two or three thousand bees that remain. This should do the trick and Irene and Joe will be up and running again. In order to do this I’m  making the move at night after the bees have gone in. This will allow me to safely move the bees and hopefully have all of them in one place when sun rises tomorrow. I will separate the two hives with a single sheet of newspaper and punch a few small holes in it to help them along. By the time they chew through these holes, they will have the phermone of the new queen and all will be happy.  I will be adding to this blog after our adventure.  I think Joe and Irene plan to join me for this adventure.  This will be my third hive to move at night…the others were successful and I think this one will be as well.