June 14

June 14 – I Have Returned

Just returned from a 45th wedding anniversary trip with my girl and my grandkids.  What a wonderful time we had….watching the kids do things and learn things for the first time.

Just finished with an Apiary check.  Topped off sugar water in Irene and Keli’s Hive.  Noted that Sand has added a Super to her hive…her bees are going gandbusters!  I make the following observations:

  1.  All first year Beekeepers should now resume feeding your bees 1:1 sugar water.  4 lbs sugar to 8 cups water).  The nectar flow is now ending and you need to help your bees store up at least a Super of honey for the winter.
  2. Be sure when you are feeding bees you have your screen turned so that it will lay flat with NO gap!
  3. I will try to do some weed-eating around the apiary tomorrow, but remind everyone, we all need to help with this and keeping water vat filled and clean.
  4. I am leaving for a youth mission trip Saturday morning at 4 am. and will be gone until next Saturday night.  I will be available by text, phone, or email during this time.
  5. For those who will be pulling honey off it looks like the first of July is going to be our beginning target date.  Schedule a time for pull off with me and be sure you have some airtight plastic containers to place honey frames in.
  6. Hope you are all enjoying your bees.  Read, research, and ask questions…this is how you learn.