July 3

Its’s Honey Time!🐝🐝🐝

Good morning fellow Bee Sustainers,

As I often remind you, we are in it for the bees first…and if they are taken care of  we’ll you will be rewarded.  Well, yesterday I went to my tallest hive and pulled off over 100 pounds of honey from this one hive.  Was also able to pull some Honey from my other hives…but nothing like my tall hive…wow.  Hopefully Jaxson, Harper and I will be spinning off Honey this week and we will open for business in my driveway.

Be sure you are making Hive Inspections to locate the presence of your queen.  One of the biggest mistakes of new beekeepers is they go in their hives and see lots of bees and ASSUME there is a queen.  You should always go deep enough and pull out a frame from the middle of your brood boxes to determine if you have a queen.  You must keep pulling frames and even go into the brood box itself on bottom until you have evidence of your Queen.  While you do not have to actually see the queen, you must see capped and uncapped brood as well as eggs.  If you have this, you have a queen.   I completed a deep hive inspection yesterday while pulling off  Honey and discovered one hive was JAM PACKED with bees…but no brood, capped brood, or eggs.  I have a queenless hive.  Today I will be in search for a queen.