August 24

I am sad to report that my weakest hive due to the attempted destruction of my Apiary this past March is with us no longer!.  This hive has struggled since this event…even with the introduction of a new queen.   I returned home this Tuesday after a long weekend to find the hive completely destroyed by wax moths.  I had to burn all the frames it was so infected despite my inspection before I left.  This happens so rapidly and reminds us it is better to join hives together rather than allowing a hive to remain weak!


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Elementary Teacher (37 years retired), Photographer, Storyteller, Bee Keeper. Started keeping bees with my grandson when he was 3 years old. It is something we enjoy learning and doing together. Proud member of the Gaston County Beekeepers Association, North Carolina Beekeepers Association. Graduate of the Penn State Beekeeping School. We are all about the bees first. The honey is simply their way of saying thank you!🐝🐝🐝

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  1. Lena Chatman

    I’m inspired by your willingness to preserve nature and I’m exited about starting my own hive/s.

    We are building in Mount Holly and I will be starting my first hive/s with my family as well. My three year old grandson has been stung several times by bees. Not be accident mind you. It’s because he catches them at day care.

    His care givers have stated that he will squat down in the grass ans slowly move his hand over the tips of the blades and scoops up the bee in his hand.

    We are discouraging him for doing this, but I excited to be able to share with him a health way to express his fascination and am glad there is such a good support system in place.

    I probably will not be able to start my hive/s until next year when our house is completed. Between now and then I will enjoy learning more about to be a good Bee “Sustainer.”

    1. mhfmbeeapiary (Post author)

      I am excited that you have joined our blog. I will be more than happy to have you in my class beginning next January. I charge nothing for our classes and work directly with you, hands on, either at your home or you may keep hives in our Apiary…with plans to move them later. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. This blog is rich in information and lessons. Hope to hear from you again soon.

      Scott (Mr. G)


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