September 4

September 4th 2017 Bee Update

Swarm caught!

Today I moved a swarm Harper and I were able to coax into a nuc hive last week.  Since the hive fell outside the 3:3 rule (you can move a hive less than 3 feet or more than three miles) I had to use an old bee keepers trick and cover the front entrance with a lot of brush.  This causes the bees to look around and reset their gps.  I will be feeding these bees for the next month and hope they can build enough brood and stores to make it through the winter.  I also treated two of my hives with oxilic acid for the dreaded varolla mite.  I will treat them all again at the end of September.  If you are interested in my treating your hives you will need to schedule a time with me.  I have several lessons about Mites on here and the correct treatment.  I suggest you all read up on these.  You need to check your hives to determine if you can stop feeding.  Golden rod is now in bloom and our bees will be bringing this in.  Be sure to send your inspection reports in to me.