September 9

9-9-2017 Bee Team Update

I have the following updates on our Hives.

1. Bobby and Melanie Black completed a deep hive inspection with me. Found the hive to be honey bound, so we added another super. We treated with Oxalic Acid Vapor for mites. Very strong hive with tons of brood yet to hatch. Places hive reducer on front. This hive is ready for winter. Bobby continues to send me videos and photos of this hive. At this time I would say it is our very strongest hive including all of mine as well.

2. Kelli Adam’s hive is strong with good stores of honey. We treated for mites with Oxalic Acid Vapor. Placed hive reducer on front. This hive is ready for winter at this time, but will need to recheck honey stores the first of October.

3. Irene, Rachel, and Joe Pharr. Hive appears strong. Needs inspection, but I took feeder off and We treated for mites with Oxalic Acid Vapor. They plan a deep hive inspection Sunday. Will determine readiness after inspection. I believe they can end feeding for the time being. Need to place reducer in front.

4. Sean Moore has completed his deep inspection. Very strong hive. He has added his hive reducer. I believe he can now end feeding. We treated for mites with Oxalic Acid Vapor. Needs to reduce his hive size by one super if possible.

5. Erin Dennison has been working with her hives since returning from vacation. Needs to continue feeding her hives at least through September. One hive appears to have superseded itself and has a new young queen. Just need to be careful we try to build this hive up…Honey B Healthy is a good idea for this hive and in fact I recommend using anytime you feed. There is a cost effective recipe on our blog for this. Needs a hive reducer for one of her hives.  Also need to treat for mites!

6. Scott has treated all his hives at the Smith Apiary and in his yard. Still needs to treat hives in Alexis and add reducers there. Lost one weak hive due to early spring push-over…but successfully caught a swarm in a yard in Catawba Heights. This hive has now settled in at his home apiary and appears to be doing well. Top Bar hives do not have adequate honey supplies. I am continuing to feed both. The smith Apiary Top bar is doing better. Will continue to feed and add bottom board today.

*ALL HIVES SHOULD BE CHECKED EVERY TWO WEEKS THROUGH OCTOBER. This does not mean a deep inspection, but checking on your Queen And checking honey stores are essential.

Bee the best you can Bee!

Scott (Mr. G)


Micah 6:8


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