September 30

September 30 – Full Saturday of Beekeeping!

After coffee at my favorite coffee shop (Catawba Coffee),  I was off to work all of my hives and some of my student’s hives as well.  It has been a very full and rewarding day of beekeeping and the girls all seemed happy with my visits and tending.

Alexis Apiary – Sonya and Wesley Sisk

It has been longer than I wanted since I last visited this Apiary in the country.  Even so, both hives were particularly strong…in fact the best I have ever seen.  Plenty of stores for the winter and they are bringing more in.  I placed entrance reducers on both hives, completed an inspection, and then treated with my new “Vapor Gun” using oxilic acid for mite control.  I did notice a few hive beetles, so I think I will put a couple beetle traps in each hive next week.  These hives should be ready for winter.  I plan to treat two more times with Oxalic Acid.

Dennison Apiary

Now has three hives cooking and all three are doing well.  I will be moving the rescue hive to my house as soon as the weather gets colder.  Too much bearding to mess with them now.  Treated all three hives for their first time with oxalic acid vapor.  Two more treatments needed.

Francis Smith Apiary

-I really have no idea what is going on in Andy’s two hives.  Sandy sold hers to Andy so he has two hives that are still very much configured in summer mode.  Andy, if you need help, please contact me.  You need to greatly reduce your hives for winter, Complete a deep inspection, place hive entrance reducers on, and they need to be treated for Mites (which I can help you do).  I am still waiting to hear from you and do not feel comfortable doing anything with your hives without your permission.

-Sean is busy taking care of his family after the fire.  I am managing his hive for him and it is in very good shape.  Plenty of honey stores for winter, entrance reducer in place, and I completed his second of three hive beetle treatments today.

-Keli’s hive is doing gangbusters and they have plenty of winter stores saved up.  A very strong hive as we go into winter.  I completed a second of three beetle treatments on her hive today and completed a light inspection.  All is well!

-Irene and Joe are so covered up at the coffee shop they asked me to help them out.  Today I completed a deep inspection.  The hive is strong as far as bees, but only has a moderate amount of honey saved up.  However, they are currently really bringing a lot of fall honey and nectar in, so it is too early to tell if they will need to feed again.  For now we will forego any feeding and allow them an opportunity to take care of themselves….which if they continue as they are now, should easily accomplish.  Place entrance reducer on and completed a second application of oxalic acid vapor with their hive.

Jaxson’s Apiary

As for my own Apiary, I completed inspection in two hives and added ap23 which is an artificial pollen patty.  I still need to inspect two others and treat all 5 here at the Apiary.

Leigh and Bobby have great hives and we completed deep Inspections recently.  Sunday afternoon I plan to treat my 5 hives plus The Blacks and Leigh’s hives tomorrow.  Once this is done I will feel caught up…just need to hear from Andy.

Bee thankful for your bees!



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