May 14

May 14 – New Bees Update

Week 1

We have completed week one with our new bees and reports are that they are doing very well.  Some have found their bees are taking sugar water well, others have found they are ignoring it.  If the are ignoring the sugar water, they have found plenty of sources of nectar.  For now, stop feeding.  If they are taking the sugar water, please continue feeding as long as they are taking it well.

The addition of Honeybee healthy is a great product to add to your sugar water.  You can save some money and make your own using the recipe I have given near the top of the lesson assignments.  Use good essential oils.  If you need a source for this I have a good friend, Carol Golden, who sells essential oils and I have found them to be superior to those you can get on the internet.  Just let me know if you need her contact information.  She also reads our blog, so you could just give her a shout here on our blog in the comments section.

Please send me a weekly update on how your bees are doing.  One of the best ways is through the comment section here on our blog so all may learn and share their wisdom with one another.

Bee safe and bee happy!


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