April 27

Lesson 28 – More About Queens

One main reason Beekeepers in early spring and spring can lose their hives is they lose their queen and do not discover it due to lack of Good hive inspections done often enough.  While I have not lost a hive yet this year, I have certainly had issues with my queens.

I am providing the following links for you to use and study to gain understanding of  hive inspections, loss, of your Queen, and how to requeen your hive.  My next lesson will be on hive splits.  Yep, you can save a lot of money and make your own hives if you can gain understanding of how this is done.  I am not an expert, but have my first successful split in my Alexis Apiary.  Watching and learning about your Queen is essential to becoming a good beekeeper.

Beginning Beekeepers:  Lost Queen?  New Queen

Honey Bees When and How to Re Queen a Hive with a new Queen Bee, Queen Replacement

How to tell if hive will accept new mated queen: I demonstrate how

How are queens made reproduced we explain

Bee Hive Inspection – New Queens!