March 10

Resources for our Bee Education Students

The following resources have been vetted and determined to be worthy resources in our efforts to become honeybee sustainers.  This list will be updated and added onto from time to time.


Author Resources:

David R. Tarpy, Associate Professor and Extension Apiculturist, NC State University
Maryann Frazier, Senior Extension Associate, Penn State
Dewey Caron, Professor of Entomology and applied ecology, extension entomologist, University of Delaware
Dennis VanEnglesdorp, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland
Dr. James Tew, National Program Leader, Apiculture, Ohio State University
Richard D. Fell, Professor Emeritus Entomology, University of Virginia
Kim Flottum, Editor, Bee Culture Magazine, A.I. Root Publications
Michael Bush
Randy Oliver


Bee Culture Magazine, A.I. Root Publications (Backyard beekeeper environment)
American Bee Journal, Dadant & Sons, Inc. (Commercial environment)


Bee Informed – A thread message board
Honey Bee Suite
Beverly Bees A beekeeping forum
FatBeeMan A You Tube channel (Varied experience levels)