March 16

Lesson 01a – Setting Up and Establishing Your Hive

It is now time to get serious about our hands on Bee Keeping School. By the end of this weekend you will have your new bee hive in hand.  Here are some links worth of you reading and watching to get started.  Do not hesitate to post questions or comments below on this blog so we can all learn together!

Just click on any of the links I have provided below:

A.  Preparing Paintng the Hive for Your New Bees

How To Paint My New Bee Hive (Website)

Protect Your Bee Hive With Paint and More… (Website)

What Part of the Bee Hive Gets Painted? (Website)

What Colors do Honey Bees See? ((Website)


B.  Building Your Bee Hive Stand

Building a Simple Stand for Your Bee Hive (YouTube)

Another Way to Build Your Stand  (Website)

Smart Hive Stand (Website)


C.  Understanding and Assembling Your Bee Hive on Site

Parts of a Bee Hive (Website)

How to Set Up a Bee Hive (Website)

Setting Up a Hive is the Hardest Part of Bee Keeping – We Promise (Website)


D.  How to Add Your 5 Frame Nuc of New Bees to Your Hive

Nuts Vs. Packaged Bees (Website Reading)

How to Add a Nuc of Bees to Your New Hive  (YouTube)

Adding a Nuc to your New Hive (YouTube Brush Mountain Bee Farm, NC)

Beginner Bee Keeping – Installing your Nuc  (YouTube)


E.  Feeding My New Bees  (I added a top hive feeder to your equipment, not originally included)

How When Why to Feed My Bees

Making the Sugar Water

Please have a fresh gallon of sugar water ready when you come to insert your bees into the hive.  Use 2 parts sugar to 1 part water when preparing your sugar water.  Be sure to use pure cane sugar!