April 15

Are You Checking Your Hive?

  1.  REMINDERS!Please note that each beekeeper is responsible for keeping the grass trimmed or pulled around your hive.  Also, check water supply, clean, and fill as needed.

Thus far in the last two weeks I have captured 4 swarms of bees.  It is critically important that you are checking your hives weekly to determine if their top Super is filled to 8 frames so you can add supers.  Space is a huge cause of swarming.  At least every other week you need to check for swarm cells.  Just lift each box up and look for swarm cells (queen cells) on the bottom. If you see them, cut them out.  If during a frame by frame inspection you find these cells in the middle or upper portion of a frame, you are looking at a supercedure situation and they may be replacing your queen…best to leave this alone.  

Folks, it is your hive now.  I am here to help upon request, but YOU are the bee keeper and you must manage your hives.