February 21

Week 4 Bee Class – New Things Learned

Gaston County Bee Association’s Bee School continues.  The school is interesting with very good presenters.  Their handouts save you from having to write copeus notes.  This is certainly a school I recommend to all of you as you have time to take it.  This map shows the location of all the students in this class.  If you zoom in you will see I am the only one in the Mount Holly area.  We need to up our game here.  Sure glad we have our learning apiary!

Some of what I learned that I want to pass on to you:

For those who must use pesticides:

  • Follow the label and reduce drift
  • use loer bees risk pesticides
  • avoid spraying blooming plants or weeds that bees are foraging
  • Time of day – 3:00 pm is best
  • use safer formulations
  • dusts and microemulsifiable (MEC’s) are most dangerous
  • granules and sprays are safer
  • never spray or apply near hives

Tips for the Beekeepers:

  • Explain the importance of bees
  • tell your neighbors about your bees if they spray pesticides
  • put contact in at your bee yard if located away from your residence
  • talk to Professional Pesticide Applicators.  Don’t put bees where folks will stay
  • Register your Apiary with the NCDA
  • Cover or move your bees when pesticides are sprayed