July 12

20 Gallons of Honey Later…Time to Treat for Mites

Good Morning Fellow Bee Sustainers,

just an update of where we are.  I was able to spin 20 gallons of Honey off of my hives thus far.  There will be more to come off later.  Jax and Harper will be selling it in our front yard beginning tomorrow morning.  I am heading to the beach for a week beginning Saturday, so if you have any need of my presence during a hive inspection.  Sean was able to capture a couple of gallons off of his hive so far and there will be more.  I am not sure where Andy is with his hive, but he should have some Honey ready to pull off.

Most of our new beekeepers are doing well.  Sandy’s hive is missing her queen and she is in process of replacing it.  All other hives are progressing very nicely.


  1.  Going forward, when we park to go in the Apiary, please park on the side street or in the field across from her driveway.  The exception to this would be if you have a heavy load, which should not be the case too often.  No one should drive their vehicle into the backyard besides me.  We want to respect this property as Mrs. Smith’s as long as she continues residence here.
  2. Now is the time you should consider a sugar shake to reduce the mite population.  Please see videos below to understand how to do this.
  3. Take care to not over inspect your hive.  Every time we go in the hive we risk injuring our queens.  This time of year, unless you have a problem, a monthly inspection should do.
  4. Do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns next week.  I am available by text or phone.

Sugar Shake for Mites

Using Powdered Sugar to Help Control Mites

Mite Control Using Powdered Sugar